Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So I assume that the purpose of graduate school is to make it to graduation? I know we are in school to learn and broaden our horizons but at the end of the day that ceremony lets us know that we did it. These students set their eyes on a goal and accomplished it! I wanted to share some photos I took of their graduation last Monday. A HUGE congratulations to the new Alum of WCU Graduate Studies!!


  1. Do you have more photos?! I've been dying to see them! I know someone took pictures of all of us as a group (the clinical psych folks) and then of two of my friends and I with our decorated caps. Was that you? Or was that all Legacy photo? I keep checking the Graduate Commencement webpage since they have pictures at the bottom scrolling from the December Graduate Ceremony but it doesn't look like they've updated them to May's ceremony yet...

  2. Good evening Ashley! No I'm sorry I did not get any decorated caps this semester. :( Did you check our Facebook page West Chester University Grad Studies? I put all my photos there.

  3. I did, hmmm. I wonder who took those photos then...