Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Semester, New Office :)

Hello everyone! To returning students, WELCOME BACK!! To new students, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!! And to prospective students, COME JOIN THE FAMILY!!

We know we have not updated in quite some time, but that is because there have been a bunch of changes going on the Grad Studies Office. As you know, Danielle Gilliam took over the Graduate Assistant position at the beginning of the fall 2012 semester. We are sure you all know how amazing she is from her introduction on the blog. She is still here as the office’s fabulous GA, but we also have a brand new recruiting team!!

In order to best serve both our prospective and current students, we have put together a kick butt recruiting team. There is Michele, who is the Associate Director of the Grad Studies Office and is in charge of the recruiting team. Michele is a miracle worker! She has been in the Grad office for 7 years, and has about 30 years of Higher Ed experience. Besides looking to boost our recruitment, Michele’s main goal is to make sure all of our current students are good to go!

Then there is Jenna M Krier ( You might remember this name from before. She used to be the Grad Studies graduate assistant, but once she no longer was taking classes she had to relinquish all duties to the fabulous Danielle. Having been in the office for three years, Jenna has a great sense of the ups, downs, and inside outs of what goes on here at WCU. She is extremely excited for this new adventure and cannot wait to watch the graduate program here at WCU flourish and grow exponentially!

Newest to the group is Messan Zogbekor ( A recent graduate with his M.A. in French, this Togo native can speak quite a few languages. Incredible. Jenna’s very jealous. Messan’s biggest goals surround aiding the International students, both prospective and current. He knows what it is like attempting to get a degree – let alone graduate degree – in a different country. So far he is fitting into the office (of 10 women and 1 other man) quite nicely (even though he likes to prank call Jenna every once and a while.. and they share an office).

Last, but certainly not least, is Danielle ( Her bright and vivacious personality has certainly added a great deal of positive energy into this office. Still working towards her degree in Secondary Ed Counseling, Danielle is here in the office Mondays thru Thursdays – while also taking 4 courses. Four. Let’s be clear. Danielle goes to school full time and is STILL here in the office 4 days a week. She’s amazing. She is available for tours, meetings, and the like with prospective students.

Please feel free to contact any of them at any time! Danielle, Jenna, and Messan will be working to update this blog at least once a week with all sorts of exciting things from WCU and the Higher Ed world.


Thank you!!