Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful few days off. I am taking a winter class so it is back to work AND class for me today.  Has anyone made any resolutions for the New Year? I made a few. I am amazed at the motivation that comes with a New Year. For some reason my mind is programmed to think that the New Year brings new 24 hours. Oh well, I’m not mad. Hopefully that motivation will continue throughout the year.
Some of my resolutions include:
  • ·         Exercising at least three times a week for an hour
  • ·         Eating less sweets
  • ·         Reading at least a half hour daily
  • ·         Journal each night
  • ·         Include more happiness in my life (less stress)

As a graduate student, my schedule can really limit my opportunity to complete some of these tasks but I need to make time for them. I think if I am able to do the first four I will in turn bring more happiness in my life. There are a couple other things that I’d like to do in 2014 that I wouldn't necessarily call a resolution but goals?
  • ·         See somewhere new
  • ·         Start a blog of my own (FINALLY)
  • ·         Finish graduate school strong
  • ·         Find a job
Share some of your New Year resolutions! I would love to hear them.

Enjoy the rest of your break J