Tuesday, July 2, 2013


    Hello wonderful students and friends! How has your summer been? I have had a relaxing and semi productive summer thus far. I was excited to read a book that was not school related! I also was able to see two good friends get engaged and be there to capture the memory for them. The rain in PA has been CRAZY! It literally rains daily here and has been for the entire month of June. I am hoping that July is different; there is so much summer to enjoy. I was also able to go to Dorney Park this past Saturday and it was the ONLY day last week that did not rain! It was so wonderful and I was so grateful to enjoy a rain-free day outside. Among some other things, I believe May and June were good months!

    At my past job we had a chant called "Motivation Check". Its purpose was to remind us to keep a positive attitude although we may not always be in positive or ideal situations (or at least that is how I took it). I have it in my mind as July begins. Oh July! I am taking TWO summer classes this month; one Counseling Theory class and an Intro to Student Affairs class. I have to get ready to get back into the school/study swing. I am looking forward to the classes but it is a bummer that there aren't earlier classes offered in the summer. I will be in class on Tuesday-Thursday from 4:15-10pm until August 1st YIKES! However, I will keep a positive attitude and be grateful that the classes are offered so I can get into my practicum class this fall.

     Various programs here at WCU have prerequisites that must be completed before you continue on to other classes. Do not make my mistake and not figure out those classes ahead of time and you will be able to avoid summer classes (unless you enjoy them). Speak to your advisor to make sure you are taking the correct classes at the correct times.

    Anyway, if you are in the West Chester area this summer, come visit me in the Office of Graduate Studies. :)

    I hope you enjoy your summer. Please feel free to share the awesome things you have been doing on your break. If you are taking summer classes along with me let me know which ones. We can keep each other motivated.

Share some motivation with us!

After the initial start, summer classes won't be as bad as they seem :)
    First day of classes are this evening, don't forget to have fun! I know that summer classes are not the most fun but remember that you enjoy what you are studying (hopefully) and enjoy learning new concepts about your craft. That is what I need to keep reminding myself.


July 1: Summer Session II Begins
July 2: Last Day to Drop Summer Session II Classes
July 5: Term Withdraw ONLY Begins (for refunds)
July 19: Last Day for Course Withdraw
July 30: Last Day for Term Withdraw
August 1: Last Day of Classes

Talk to you soon!