Thursday, September 26, 2013


Top of the morning! :) LOL

How is your day going so far? I know it is only 9:11am but I believe some people have gotten a great deal done thus far. I'm going to utilize this blog to vent a little bit. After all it is about the life of a grad student correct? Okay!

So, I love my institution and I enjoy my classes a great deal but sometimes I get so bummed out because since graduate classes are mainly at night I end of missing a lot of events. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but I am a photographer (sadly I've only been shooting in my spare time) and I mainly cover events. It could be baby showers, weddings, special interest events, shows, etc. and I've had to turn down a lot because of graduate school. Have you ever thought specifically about what you were put on this earth to do and did not have one answer for yourself? I have a few things that I can say that I love and they represent two very different sides of the spectrum. My love for helping/working with teens and my love for art are very different professions. I am in search of a profession that allows me to incorporate both but it is difficult to find. If anyone has any ideas please share :)

I know there are probably graduate students with children and far greater things than me shooting events but the point is we are all sacrificing a lot to advance ourselves as well as society in retrospect. We are also going into great deals of debt by doing so. They tell us it will be worth it. I believe it will be worth it and trust me it becomes much easier when you remember that it will be worth it.

I wonder if I am the only one in grad school yet still not 100% sure what to do with the rest of my life. It is a bit scary if you think about it. I'm just going to continue to do a little bit of everything until I find my something that is just for me. One of my great professors said "at this point in your life please always say yes when asked to do something. Unless it is unmoral you never know how something can advance you. It may not be in your job description and you may not enjoy it but you are trying to open as many doors for yourself as possible." Thanks Dr. Hodes, I think that is great advice! Plus, as long as I am happy with what I am doing I believe it will all work out.

This has been quite a different post today. Just thought I'd share a little bit of what is going on in my head.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote! Be happy and everything else will fall into place


On a lighter note, we still have a social tomorrow from 6-8pm at Landmark in WC. Hope to see you there! Shameless plug I know LOL

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