Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to the WCU Grad Student Blog

             Hello internet world! My name is Jenna, and I am currently a second year graduate student here at West Chester University.
 You are all here for one reason, or at least I am assuming you are all here for one reason: to learn even MORE about West Chester University than what you find on our web site. You want the ins and outs of graduate life. Well, that's what I am here to do for you! Give you all of our secrets!!
Why did I chose WCU? Well, besides the awesome location of being 5 minutes from my apartment, there were some other things I needed to consider. For me, a flexible class schedule was most important. All of my classes are at night and they meet only once a week. I knew I would need to maintain a full time job while going to school, this made it particularly easy for me to schedule my classes around my work schedule, and vice versa. I'm a bartender at a well known Oyster/Martini/Tapas bar in Exton. If you guess which one it is, come visit me! I love guests. :) Finances were also a big issue for me. I'm originally from South Jersey, so, since I now live in West Chester, I am sure you have all deduced I no longer live at home. I needed a school that would be extremely affordable. West Chester is extremely affordable for us "adults" that need to go to school and work. I even was able to obtain a graduate assistantship on campus that pays for my tuition, which helped a lot financially.
My assistantship is great. The hours here are super flexible, as long as I put in 10 a week. Once again I can work around my other job and my classes. It's nice. And the people here in the office are awesome, as well. (Shout out to McKelvie Hall!) There are TONS of opportunities like this on campus, you just need to be a little proactive if you really want one.
Well, I think that is good for my first blog. More to come, since this is part of my assistantship here. :) I really am lucky!! I get to blog for my job!!
If you have any questions about West Chester I would be happy to speak with any you. I would even like to share my story in more detail if you would like. Though I am currently a Master of Arts in History student, my graduate assistantship in the Graduate Studies office has given me knowledge of all things West Chester. It would be my pleasure to discuss the amazing benefits of my university.
Please feel free to contact me at the email listed on the side with any and all questions you may have.

Out for now!