Thursday, September 1, 2016

Welcome Back Graduate Students!!!!

Hi, I am Caroline Bush.

Hello to everyone reading! Welcome back to all students, faculty, staff and members of the WCU community! I am thrilled to begin my third semester as the Graduate Assistant for the Office of Graduate Studies. I am equally as excited to begin another term that will bring me one step closer to earning my Master’s degree.
It is a wonderful feeling getting back to campus and back to another year. There have been many changes to our office and to our campus over the last few months.

I am excited to welcome the many new faces to our office. Two of these faces are new to the office but I have had the pleasure of getting to know them over the last year in class as part of the Higher Education/Student Affairs program. GSA President and Graduate Studies Intern, Michael Diaz is joining our team and I am excited to share an office with him this year!

The office has also welcomed another Graduate Assistant, Courtney Wilson! Courtney came to us during the Spring 2016 semester and has been a wonderful addition to the office. Courtney will join me in updating this blog from time to time.

Sykes Student Union, our neighboring building, has added a brand new entrance on the rear of the building which faces the parking lot. In addition, the College of Business and Public Affairs building, which broke ground in October of 2014 is on its way to completion and is set to open in just a few months! (January 2017) The building will be home to 4,000 students and 100 faculty members.

Finally, West Chester’s football field has received a major facelift! Take a look at the before and after photos posted below. You can read more about the transformation here:

Hi, I am Courtney Wilson

Hello all and welcome back to a new and exciting year at the WCU! I hope you are all as excited as I am to begin a new school year. I know I am (especially since it is my last year).

It has been honor and a warming experience to work as a Graduate Assistant with the Office of Graduate Studies. The Office of Graduate Studies welcomed me with open arms and made me feel very comfortable. I am elated that I have the opportunity to serve as the Office of Graduate Studies as the Graduate Assistant.

In addition to my newly found position with the Office of Graduate Studies, West Chester has also added new additions to the campus.  

Congratulations to the Multicultural Center for their $250,000 endowment from the Student Services, Incorporated. The Multicultural Center will be named the Lawrence A. Dowdy Multicultural Center. The Center will be dedicated on Friday, October 21, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.
The Graduate Student Association (GSA) will be hosting a Graduate Student Welcome Back Barbecue that will be held on Friday, September 9, 2016 from 4:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. The Barbecue will take place at McKelvie Hall Lawn - 102 W. Rosedale Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383. All graduate students are welcome and students are allowed to invite no more than three family members. RSVP at The barbecue will be a great opportunity for students to meet new people, connect with the GSA board, and to enjoy some FREE food.

The Fall Involvement Fair, organized by the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, will take place on Wednesday September 7, 2016 from 11-3pm on the Academic Quad! The start of a new semester is a great time to get involved on campus. There are more than 293 organizations to choose from at West Chester University. Businesses, and Student Affairs offices will also be present to answer questions. The Office of Grad Studies will have a table on the quad that afternoon. Come find us and learn about the many programs that we have to offer! And of course, who wouldn’t want free food, drink and giveaways!

Also new to West Chester this semester: Look for the new Bike Sharing Program! There will be a Grand Opening of the Bike Share Program on Wednesday August 31, 2016 from 2-3pm beside Allegheny Hall. You can learn more about the program and how it works by following the link here: and

On behalf of the staff at McKelvie Hall, I would like to wish everyone a successful and productive semester!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time Management

As we are nearing the end of another semester of academics, it is not uncommon to feel burdened by a larger than average work load. The holidays are coming and deadlines are fast approaching. I know that my calendar is looking pretty heavy right about now. Balancing assignments for GA, school, and work as well as family duties, a social life, and sleep can be challenging at times.

Life as a graduate student can be significantly more demanding than it previously was when I was an undergraduate student. My teachers expect more of me at this point in my academic career. I am taking on new tasks at my GA (that will be revealed in a later blog). I live closer to home and try to make time to see family each weekend. I am also trying to work as often as I possibly can at my other job. This is where time management has become more important than ever before.

A few of important tools that I use to keep myself organized are the following:

1)      My weekly/monthly planner: I am an extremely visual person. Before the beginning of each week I look ahead to what needs to be accomplished. I schedule time to meet with classmates/advisors/ and teachers. I create my work schedules for the week. I look at due dates for assignments that are approaching in the need week or two. I block off time to study and read for each class. I block off time for family. I block off time to watch the Eagles and The Walking Dead each week (these are absolutely necessary).


2)      My to-do list: I carry around with me a master to do list of every single thing on my brain that needs to be accomplished in the near future. If I ever have a free moment to spare, I take out my list and see if I can cross something off.


3)      My expandable folder: I discovered a long time ago that I am the type of person who needs to have multi-subject notebooks and folders. By keeping an expandable folder with me, I always have every important piece of information from class/work with me. I am always ready to pull out something to study if I find that I have a free hour in the middle of the day.

Here is a website that I found helpful when thinking about how I manage my own time. It provides great strategies to apply to your own schedule.

Finish the semester strong, everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Meet the New Grad Assistant!

Hello to anyone reading! My name is Caroline and I am so excited to get this chance to connect with the WCU Grad community through this blog! It is my responsibility to keep you informed on what is going on in West Chester. You will have the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of myself, a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Higher Education Counseling/Student Affairs.

It has been a transition from small town Bloomsburg, PA where I completed my Bachelor’s degree to West Chester, PA, a town with a little more hustle and pep and close proximity to Philadelphia. The pace of grad school is a definite change as well! Classes meet just once a week for three hours. I am spending my mornings working in the Office of Graduate Studies as a Graduate Assistant, getting my feet wet in the Student Affairs world. On top of all of this, I am working part time catering at various locations in the Philadelphia area. 

Classes have been fantastic so far. Already, I have a better understanding of what it means to be a counselor. Teachers have been inspiring. Classmates have been friendly and eager to work alongside me. The work load is challenging, but interesting. 

 I have been fortunate to meet and work with such an amazing staff in McKelvie Hall, where the Office of Graduate Studies is located (on Rosedale Ave. next to Sykes Student Union). Here, it is my job to help process graduate applications, assist with tours, maintain social media, and visit other colleges to recruit at graduate fairs. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I look forward to the next few months when graduate applications start to pour in. 

I would love to answer any questions that you may have! Please feel free to comment below if there is anything specific that you would like me to cover on my next post. Thanks for reading!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

20 Things You Should Know As A WCU Grad Student

1. Any questions regarding the admissions process can be handled in the Office of Graduate Studies. 

2. GSA offers conference reimbursements up to $500 for students 

3. GSA stands for the Graduate Student Association and it is the governing body of all the graduate students 

4. The Graduate Business Center (GBC) is home to students studying MPA, Counselor Education and Student Affairs, and MBA

5. South campus is for graduate students studying health disciplines 

6. You are able to use the recreation center as a graduate student. You are also able to utilize a free personal trainer. Simply email for the form.

7. We have a graduate student lounge provided by the GSA on the 5th floor of the library. Simply go to the front desk of the library with your student ID for the code.

8. If you have classes on main campus or if you have to go to main campus for anything before 4pm PLEASE allow yourself a substantial amount of time for parking. It is very limited on main campus.

9. Any questions regarding graduation can be directed to Rachel Kehl

10. The Office of Graduate Studies is no longer able to provide parking passes for students or faculty who visit main campus before 4pm.

11. You can eat anywhere on campus.

12. has a Graduate Studies Forms section on the site that has all the materials to drop a class, change your major, leave the university, etc.

13. Conference reimbursement papers should be handed in at the GSA office in Sykes Student Union (they have a mailbox if nobody is inside)

14. When you attend orientation it is a great opportunity to meet other graduate students, gain a multitude of information, and get your student ID for free!

15. We have a brand new graduate student branch of the Alumni Association. All graduate student alumni are encouraged to join. For more information contact Robert Marco at and check them out on Facebook

16. Please make sure you stay on top of deadlines for things such as drop/add period or when to apply for graduation. They are very important!

17. Most professors I’ve encountered are super helpful and as long as you ask for help, they are willing to assist.

18. GSA hosts 2 socials (1 in the fall and 1 in the spring) they are great ways to meet other graduate students, especially in other departments. They are also great fun and free food!

19. We now have a Philadelphia campus that offers programs in Criminal Justice, Special Education, Social Work, Grad Certification in Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology, and Graduate Business Certificate Program. To learn more, visit the website

20. Our Facebook page is a great place to stay up to date with “What’s Going On” at WCU

Monday, September 29, 2014


Good morning students! This will be a short and sweet post. It is hard to believe that September has come and almost gone already. It will be October in a couple of days and the end of the semester will be here before you know it. How has the semester been treating you thus far? I feel like it has started off slow but is quickly picking up.

There is a really cool event that starts today and begins all week. I encourage you to check it out!

Today from 3pm-4pm The Office of Sponsored Research and the Center for International Programs is hosting a Fulbright Scholar Information Session. WCU faculty will provide insights on the application process and requirements for receiving this distinguished research, administrative, and teaching award. The event will be held in Philips Autograph Library and refreshments will be provided.

I believe the event is the kickoff for Ifest. What is Ifest you ask? It is a week long international festival with various programs happening all week around campus. For a list of what is going on please click on the link below.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome Back Recap!

Hello! Hello! Welcome back to all of the returning graduate students and welcome home to everyone new. I hope you had an absolutely AMAZING summer break. I took a class this summer but was able to put my toes in the sand a few times so I am grateful. I am having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things this semester. It is probably because IT IS MY LAST ONE! I apologize for my obnoxious excitement in the previous statement. I am anticipating the bittersweet goodbye come December.
I did want to take a moment and recap the end of the spring semester. It was time for the GSA board to host elections so GSA now has a brand new board which is exciting! I’m happy for them and anticipating a wonderful year. We hosted Graduate Student Appreciation week in April. That was great because we were able to give dinner, cupcakes, and great prizes to both main campus and the Philly campus. The students seemed to really enjoy the week. Check out some photos below.

May Graduate Commencement 2014 was great of course! I will post photos in a separate post for people to see.

Some pretty exciting things have been happening at WCU. For starters, the Masters of Public Administration program has earned international accreditation from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration. Our program is one of only four programs to have earned this accreditation. That is an awesome accomplishment for that department! If you would like to read more about it I will post the link below.

There is now Exton Shuttle Services which were available for the Spring 2014 semester and will be available again beginning this Monday, August 25th
·         There will be 3 shuttles coming from Exton Station to WCU Monday through Friday.
·         You will not need to use the reservation system to reserve a seat.
·         Shuttle service will now be available from the Church Street Station to Exton Station in the morning and the afternoon.

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Transportation Services Office at 610-436-1053 or 610-436-2442 between the hours of 8:00 am – 3:00 pm or check out the website at  Questions after 3:00 pm should be directed to the Office for External Operations at 610-436-2577.

Since we are on the topic of buses; the bus from main campus to the Graduate Business Center (GBC) will be returning this year! It will be departing from Church St. every half hour beginning at 3:30pm. The last bus will leave the GBC at 10:15pm. If you have any questions, you can email or contact Transportation at 610-436-1053.

The GSA is hosting their first social of the year on September 17th from 6-10pm at Sidebar on Gay Street. They always throw super fun events so I am excited! 

Lastly, I began internship this week and saw a cool quote in my supervisor's office. I figured it could be applied to yet another semester and pushing ahead regardless of the struggle. 

I will be back shorty to share the commencement photos. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Time No Sun

Long time no see! My apologies for the tiny leave of absence but the way PA is set up right now it is covered in snow! We have had a numerous amount of snow and snow days this semester. It was exciting and fun to have a free day the first couple times but it quickly became a bother. Anyhow, hopefully the snow has subsided and we can get on with the rest of the semester. How has that been for everyone? We have a midterm next week in a class! It is crazy to think that we are midway through the semester already. I feel like we are just getting into the swing of things. GSA is working on some great things to finish the semester strong. We had a social planned in the beginning of the year but with the snow it just wasn't feasible. I believe that the end of the year will make up for the missed opportunities in the beginning.
In other news, I’m at a new internship placement. It is a charter school and completely different from my previous placement but everyone is nice and the students are pretty well behaved. I have one more internship to complete, in an elementary school, and I will graduate in December! December 15, 2014 to be exact! Graduate school has gone so fast. I cannot believe it has been almost 2 years since I began. Anyone who is iffy about beginning grad school, or something new in general, my advice would be to get like Nike and JusDoIt! J The time will pass anyway and before you know it, you’ll be finished. My experience returning to WCU has been an amazing one. I personally did not want to return to my Alma Mater and wanted new experiences yet my experiences in grad school have been completely different than undergrad. 

                I believe that is pretty much everything that is going on right now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and may the rest of your week be awesome!

Photo of frozen plants from the ice storm 

Having fun on one of our many snow days!

Impatiently waiting for spring.......... :)