Friday, May 4, 2012

Next Steps 3 - JOBS

So sorry for the lack of updates, it has been QUITE a busy time for me. Here's a quick update: after my last post about conferences and the like, I found out I was ACCEPTED to present at the Graduate Symposium in Harrisburg, PA; presented like the history baller that I am at said conference; I have found two more conferences to apply to; researching for my semester papers on Native American disease epidemics due to European colonization and the relgious versus secular aspects of Islamic medicine; bartending and working in the office; received not one, not two, but THREE AWESOME History of Med/Science journals in the mail (nerd alert!!); and here I am updating you all now. :)

Real quick about the conferece. It was awesome. It was really small (I presented to about 8 students ALL from West Chester), but the experience was still priceless. There was an embarrasing moment for me when I realized the Sahara Desert decided to transport itself magically to my mouth. See, our room moderator did not think there was enough time between the one and two o'clock sessions to take a break. This meant no water finding - which subsequently meant me feeling like I had just eaten a full sleeve of saltine crackers. One of the others in the room, however, thought I looked like I was in pain (which I kind of was) and ran out to the water fountain. She returned with a cup of water for me. For that, I believe I owe Margaret Haag a HUGE shout of of THANKS!!! You saved my presentation!! What's the lesson from this? Well one, make sure you have a bottle of water with you. And two, if the worse thing that happens during your presentation is NOT the content of your presentation or the way you present, but something completely human such as the Sahara Desert in your mouth... YOU DID FINE!!! :)

Ok, so on to the next chapter on what to do when you graduate. It is time for that dreaded word... JOBS. *shiver* Real World. I am clearly trying to put that off as long as possibly by staying in school for as long as possible. Today with social networking sites being such a part of nearly everyone's daily lives, many employers are also using them in their hiring process. For the rest of this blog I am going to link you to an article I received the other day from a reader (I have a READER!) that I found quite helpful. Jasmine Hall sent me this article from her blog all about how to use your Facebook page to your advantage. I think it's quite interesting!!

Check it out! Let me know what you all think!! :)

Thank you!

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