Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 PASSHE Graduate Research Symposium

I just want to quickly give a huge round of applause to all the presenters of this year's symposium. Congratulations to all of you!! (and me!)

Oral presentations:

Jason Keyser – A Fabled Attempt to Move Forward in the Discussion of Human Rights

Chris Mich – Loving the Alien, Hating the Hybrid: A Cultural Study of Robotech

Tommy Moore – Roleplaying Relationships in Videogames:  The Virtual Decentering of Heteronormativity through Homosexual Romance Options

Fayth Kelly – Reaching Anne Stevenson’s Intimate Worlds: Feminine Creative Spirit and Nature Imagery

Alhaji Saccoh – Collective Bargain: The Roles of Parents and Administrators in Eliminating Childhood Obesity

Elizabeth Schroeder – iLead Leadership Series: Applying Leadership in your Everyday Life

Jenna Krier – New Kid on the Block: Medico-military History and its Importance in the American Historical Framework

Dominique Williams – Alcohol Outlets and Violence in Philadelphia: The Role of Land Use

Margaret Haag – The Use of Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase Independence in Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome in Competitive Employment Settings

Samantha Keys – Essential Components to Comprehension Achievement

Poster presentations:

Megan Gross – The Impact of Comprehensive Diabetes Management Classes on Patient Outcomes

Christopher Ketcham – The Phantom Limb of Equality

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