Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next Steps - 1

Ok, I know I have not written in a long time. It's been crazy in the office, at my other job, and this semester is very busy with papers and the like. I am attempting to write two term papers on two totally different topics... It should be interesting. At least they are both on two different aspects of the History of Science and Medicine so I can get some background on that before I go apply for my PhD... Which brings me to the topic of this blog.... Next Steps.

Some of you may stop at your Masters, some of you may want to continue on (which is what I would like to do), but no matter your decision you can always keep learning. So, what are some of the next steps?

1) Present your research. At every Masters level, each student has the experience of writing a very intricate, research intense paper. These are the ones we are all most proud of. The time we put into these papers is far beyond anything we have done before, we may even have the chance of presenting to your class. These are the papers you should try to present at graduate conferences. One such conference is coming up in April.

This Graduate Student Symposium is a great way to get your feet wet in the Conference world. You will get feedback from your peers and wash away those public speaking fears. I applied to present, and you should too.

Since I know we all have so much to do as well as seriously short attention spans, I am going to make this a series of blog entries. The following entry, hopefully tomorrow or Friday, will be about finding that right PhD or other graduate program.

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